Australia’s 2017 Queen’s honours list the most progressive since Whitlam’s 1975 list

Australia’s 2017 Queen’s honours list the most progressive since Whitlam’s 1975 list, by Damien Murphy.

The 2017 Queen’s Birthday honours list is the most progressive in Australian history with the top award going to advocates of climate change, same sex-marriage, philanthropists and the nation’s leading actress.

Cate Blanchett was made a companion in the general division of the Order of Australia (AC) in recognition of service to the performing arts as an international stage and screen actor, director of artistic organisations, role model for women and her support for humanitarian and environmental causes.

Ross Garnaut?, economist and climate change and long-time adviser to government, was made a companion (AC) in recognition of his economic leadership on energy efficiency and climate change policy and the development of Australia-Asia Pacific relations. ,,,

Another AC recipient who has been a forceful proponent of the need for society to confront climate change was ANU and Princeton political philosopher Philip Pettit.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce, a high profile advocate of marriage equality, also received the top gong. …

The propaganda has mutated the language horribly. We all know that “advocates of climate change” are people who promote the carbon dioxide theory of global warming — they are scared of climate change; they don’t advocate it.

The founder of Palace Cinemas, Antonio Zeccola, was appointed AM…

Reader Andrew comments:

For what? Running a small business? I run a small business. But I don’t make my business available for Green Party fundraisers.

It shouldn’t be a big deal and it doesn’t affect my life, but as a voter I’m horrified. Any conservative MP should care about the govt pissing on their base and then mocking them, he should be horrified too. Who briefed the Silly Moaning? I guarantee the writer didn’t get a list and read through 2 million recipients to form a view of the political leanings of every year. They didn’t have time to write anything except from a briefing paper. SOMEONE told them how biased the list was – more than Gillard’s. It can only have come officially.