Australian Liberty Alliance founders under police surveillance

Australian Liberty Alliance founders under police surveillance, by Rafe Champion.

Debbie Robinson of the ALA had police calling at her home too frequently. At first she welcomed them, thinking that they had some advice to offer regarding her personal safety, but they only wanted to question her regarding the Australian Liberty Alliance. These visits became annoying, the police would even visit when Debbie and her husband weren’t home and would question their children.

She had to see her solicitor who took action to stop this police harassment. Later a whistle-blower in the WA public service sent her copies of emails from a then government minister to a local imam saying that he was taking action to stop the ALA from developing in WA.

That minister was Mike Nahan, now Leader of the Opposition.

Debbie Robinson’s neighbors have noticed that a large drone (not the small commercial sort) has surveilled her house, but only when no one is home, which rather suggests the drone operators watch the house enough to know the comings and goings of its occupants.

Is this behavior legal or appropriate in a western democracy? Nothing the Australian Liberty Alliance advocates threatens government or law and order in any way — on the contrary, they are mainly concerned about the threats presented by high rates of Muslim immigration. Aren’t citizens allowed to query policies and form political parties anymore?