UK Election: The ‘Yoof’ What Swung It? 70 Per Cent of Young People Vote

UK Election: The ‘Yoof’ What Swung It? 70 Per Cent of Young People Vote, by Liam Deacon.

Thursday night, for the fist time in decades, younger voters appear to have been overrepresented in contrast with previous elections, with turnout rising to its highest level in 20 years.

The overall turnout is estimated to be 68.7 per cent – up 2.6 per cent on 2015. The youth turnout [was] … up around 27 per cent on 2015, to approximately 70 per cent …

A high turnout seems to have benefited Labour more than any other party, with an analysis by Sky News showing the vast majority of seats where it leapt by more than 5 per cent going to Labour.

Record numbers of people signed up to vote on deadline day before registrations closed, with more than 600,000 names added to the electoral roll in the final 24 hours.

Labour, and in particular Jeremy Corbyn’s activist faction of the party, Momentum, were notably adept at winning celebrity endorsements and utilising social media to reach out to young voters and getting them to register.

Countless musicians, rappers, actors, and reality TV stars endorsed the hard left candidate. There was even a “Grime for Corbyn” movement, with UK rappers almost unanimously backing, and campaigning for, Labour.

hat-tip Stephen Neil