Grrr: 59% of US say news media make them angry, dissatisfied

Grrr: 59% of US say news media make them angry, dissatisfied, by Paul Bedard.

A new Quinnipiac poll asked this question:

“I am going to mention four phrases and ask you which one best describes how you feel about the job the news media has been doing covering American politics. Do you feel enthusiastic, satisfied but not enthusiastic, dissatisfied but not angry, or angry?”

Enthusiastic: 10%
Satisfied: 30%
Dissatisfied: 33%
Angry: 26%

“Do you believe that President Trump has changed American attitudes towards the news media for the better, for the worse, or hasn’t President Trump had an impact on American attitudes towards the news media?”

For the better: 22%
For the worse: 52%
No impact: 20%

We’re onto them. The media have been systematically misinforming us for years, slanting the news and encouraging belief in a PC fantasy-land. The misinformation got a lot worse around 2004 when the US media discovered if they all say the same false story (about Bush and hurricane Katrina) they can get away with it, and has been ramping it up since then. Meanwhile in Australia the ultra-PC ABC dominates, floating on a carpet of tax money.