Saudi ad censors woman, replaces her with inflatable ball

Saudi ad censors woman, replaces her with inflatable ball, by The Express Tribune.

An ad by a Saudi company replacing a woman in a swimming pool with an inflatable ball has caused uproar on social media.

An immutable seventh century Arab culture. Christine Williams:

Saudi Arabia replaced a mom in a swimming pool advertisement with an inflatable ball. In the Saudi ad, her children are featured looking over so lovingly at a ball in the corner. It’s telling about the value of women under the Sharia, where women have to be hidden away even in an innocuous advertisement.

Under this gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia, women can only use private, women-only pools; they cannot try on clothes in stores even behind closed doors, because then it would be a woman’s fault for causing the male imagination to run wild; women can’t drive; and are further subjugated under a degrading male guardianship system. All justified by Sharia.

hat-tip Stephen Neil