Our children must be taught our nation is free and fair

Our children must be taught our nation is free and fair, by Miranda Devine.

From the moment [Melbourne Islamic terrorist Yacqub] Khayre set foot on Australian soil as a seven-year-old, he was fed a diet of our nation’s great sinfulness, its racist history, its corrupt culture. From at least the 1990s the leftist lie about Australia’s bigotry and racism has been the dominant narrative.

It is taught by teachers to gullible children, and imbibed like mother’s milk through the media, particularly the ABC. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the critique grew sharper, blaming America and its allies for provoking Islamist terrorism.

Children were told the root cause of jihadi violence was us, not Islam.

This was the line of the ABC’s program BtN, aired in primary schools across Australia.

We know from former Punchbowl teacher, Mrs A, that she banned BtN because she felt it was sympathetic to radical Islam, and caused her Year 5 and 6 students in the predominately Muslim school to cheer on ISIS and spout anti-West sentiments.

It was putting the thought into their heads that [ISIS] was our fault”.

Indeed, BtN pushed the “root cause” theory of Western imperialism, without mention of Islamist ideology. …

The myth of Muslim victimisation has taken hold in Australia as holy writ, and it has turbocharged the process of Islamic radicalisation. …

Fake claims of Islamophobia were peddled by leftist media because it proved their point that most Australians were deplorable bigots. By the time of the Lindt siege, NSW police had so bought the line that they distracted themselves with an operation designed to combat anti-Muslim “bias crime” that never eventuated.

Even while Australia was proving its compassion as the world’s most generous refugee resettlement country per capita, our nation’s character was maligned from within.

Cultural defamation was a deliberate tactic to embed the left’s doctrine of multiculturalism. It was not a simple matter of respecting different races, creeds and cultures in one integrated harmonious Australia. Multiculturalism pretended that all cultures were morally equal, so that Australians who tried to defend our culture or, in fact, Western civilisation, were labelled bigots and rednecks.

It was forbidden in polite company to assert that our culture was superior even to barbaric, seventh century cultures, which mutilate the genitalia of small girls, practice slavery and throw homosexuals off buildings. …

In previous times of crisis governments used to promote the values which unify a nation. Propaganda has a bad name, but imagine how much better for Australia would be an ABC education program pumped into classrooms which didn’t preach self-flagellating leftist dogma but told children how wonderful, free and fair Australia is, and how important it is that we keep it that way.

hat-tip Barry Corke