Love media bolts from right-wing writer’s bashing but is obsessed with attacks on lefties

Love media bolts from right-wing writer’s bashing but is obsessed with attacks on lefties, by The Australian. See earlier story.

Here is the best footage of the incident.:

So how did ABC News handle this disturbing event? ABC News Melbourne’s Twitter account, yesterday:

Andrew Bolt sprayed with glitter by masked men during Melbourne book launch.

That’s actually assault, just so you know. Victorian Crimes Act 1958:

Assault is the direct or indirect application of force to the body of, or to the clothing or equipment worn by, a person …

The Age makes it look as if Bolt were the one doing the unprovoked assaulting. Fairfax Media’s Melbourne outfit tweeting on Tuesday night: …

But where’s the outrage? And the condemnations? Where are the hashtags? Bolt on his Herald Sun blog, yesterday:

If three Australian Patriots had attacked an ABC presenter in the street, that would be in every news bulletin, right? With much rage directed at thugs trying to silence debate?

Think back to the outrage one man faced for attacking Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce over his support for gay marriage. The Australian, May 16:

Qantas has slapped a lifetime ban on the same-sex opponent who pushed a lemon meringue pie into the face of CEO Alan Joyce.

Or the attempts to wipe Margaret Court from Australian history for her opposition to gay marriage. AAP, June 1:

Margaret Court Arena should be renamed to honour another Australian tennis great — Evonne Goolagong — due to the former’s anti-gay position, says Martina Navratilova.

But Bolt gets no sympathy from the left. The Sydney Morning Herald website, yesterday:

Conservative commentator Andrew Bolt was allegedly set upon by a gang of protesters outside a Melbourne book launch on Tuesday, and appeared to give at least as good as he got.

I am Sparticus:

But imagine if someone tried to pull a similar stunt on Waleed Aly or John Faine.