Australian Climate Politics: Finkel review: Shorten clears ground for ‘climate war’ talks

Australian Climate Politics: Finkel review: Shorten clears ground for ‘climate war’ talks, by Rhian Deutrom.

Bill Shorten has cleared the ground for talks with Malcolm Turnbull to end the “climate wars” and work together on a response to a major review of energy security.

The Labor leader has written to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to promise the opposition will approach Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s review recommendations with an open mind, reports AAP.

“After a decade of toxic politics surrounding energy and climate change policy, Australians are looking for both major parties to co-operate on a way forward,” Mr Shorten writes. …

Turnbull won’t have any problem with that, having long being convinced of the warmist case in long chats with chief warmist scientist Andy Pittman of the climate CRC at NSW University.

“It’s regrettable that for too long this nation’s energy and climate policy has been hostage to a small handful of climate sceptics in the Liberal Party – while power prices have gone up, pollution has gone up and investment has stalled. “Continuing this approach is unsustainable – it risks jobs and Australia’s economic future.” …

I’ve heard that Turnbull has been phoning his skeptical Liberal colleagues recently, presumably to prepare them into accepting a changed policy.

Australia’s chief scientist, Alan Finkel, will hand down his long-awaited energy reform report to the Council of Australian Governments tomorrow, which is likely to favour a low emissions target scheme (LET). …

Of course. What else would he do? He would never have got that job if he wasn’t going to do this.

The two major parties are closer than ever to agreeing on the LET, with Bill Shorten this week writing to the Prime Minister conceding that he would be willing to accept a LET, despite advocating for a tougher emissions intensity scheme (EIS).

Mr Butler said he hoped Mr Shorten’s “olive branch” would mark the end of the political dispute over climate change. …

Tony Abbot gets it:

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has proved a staunch opponent of an LET, warning yesterday that the policy would eliminate high-efficiency coal-fired power stations.

“The Liberal Party has to be the party of cheap power, let Labor be the party of expensive power,” he told 2GB radio yesterday.

Book on the error in the climate models coming soon. Working with a physicist clarifying some more details at the moment. All looking very good, looks like we’ve found the error. Subtle and shocking, baked into the cake since the 1960s.