Faux leaders worse than no leaders at all

Faux leaders worse than no leaders at all, by Janet Albrechtsen.

Britain’s most prominent Muslim, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, spoke to The Guardian. “I don’t want, in 60 years time, our grandchildren to be saying, ‘What the f. k was Sadiq doing…?’ ”

The mayor of London was referring to his desire for a ban on smoking in public. “It’s a scandal,” Khan said, “when I saw the evidence that people knew about smoking 60 years ago, it beggared belief that nothing happened …”

Sadiq Khan, London Mayor

If you’re not familiar with Khan, picture Waleed Aly. Both love the limelight. And let’s be honest, they’re sought out as the educated voices and pretty faces of moderate Islam. And both are textbook examples of the resolute ignorance from the political class about the deadly ideological war under way within Islam and between Islam and the West. …

Three Islamic terrorists mowed down and murdered pedestrians on London Bridge before going from bar to bar, stabbing and slicing at patrons with 30cm hunting knives. …

What did Sadiq do? In the morning sunshine, against a verdant garden backdrop, the mayor of London, a Muslim no less, looked down a camera lens and said not a word about Islamic or even Islamist terrorists. Khan mentioned terrorists and terrorism. But nothing about how his faith, Islam, is being used to justify the massacre of Londoners. …

A Muslim leader should have said that defeating Islamist ideology is the greatest challenge of our time. But only May said that. Khan should have said we need to turn people’s minds away from violence towards our values, to something superior to anything offered by hate preachers. Alas, a white Christian prime minister, not a Muslim mayor, said that. …

Alas, Khan is more incensed by a Trump tweet about his trite words than the Islamic feature of terrorism. Like Khan, Aly didn’t mention Islam or even Islamism in a long piece he penned for The New York Times last week.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants British government to cancel Donald Trump’s state visit, by NewsCorp.

“I don’t think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the USA in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for,” Khan said.

“We” Kemosabe?

hat-tip Stephen Neil