CNN Stages a Fake Muslim Protest After London Attack?

CNN Stages a Fake Muslim Protest After London Attack? By Nick Kangadis.

If you ever wanted actual proof of fake news, this might be it.

According to a video that surfaced on Twitter on Sunday, it appears CNN International (CNNi) actually staged a demonstration to use as a backdrop for a segment on the outpouring of support from the Muslim community after Saturday evening’s London terrorist attack, in which seven people died and 48 others were injured.

This is the alleged footage of CNNi’s Becky Anderson and other CNN employees placing the people into the shot:

Here is the actual CNN segment using the alleged Muslim anti-jihadis:

“Wonderful” and “poignant” are clearly opinion, while “how people feel” is clearly made up and not the result of any survey. Massive spin and fakery.

hat-tip Stephen Neil