Melbourne: Two dead, police injured, “This is for IS, this is for al-Qa’ida”

Melbourne: Two dead, police injured, “This is for IS, this is for al-Qa’ida”, by John Ferguson.

Two people are dead and three police officers have been injured during a hostage drama and gunbattle in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton.

A volley of about 20 shots was heard about 6pm after a woman was taken hostage by a man about 4.30pm. When police arrived at the scene they discovered the body of a man in the foyer of the apartments, according to multiple reports.

An explosion was reported to police about 4.30pm.

Channel Seven reported that an unnamed man rang the station today with a distressed woman in the background. The woman called Channel 7 Melbourne’s newsroom at 5.41pm and told a senior journalist she was “the Brighton hostage.”

A man then came on the line and said “this is for IS, this is for al-Qa’ida.”

The call from the mobile phone opened with the woman’s screams. Channel 7 immediately called police. …

Three police members have sustained non-life threatening injuries during the arrest — two have been taken to hospital and one was treated on scene.

Looks like the religion of peace has struck again. I wonder if our PM will repeat his “We won’t let terrorism change the way we live” line of yesterday, or whether policy will change. How much is enough?

hat-tip Stephen Neil