Make big money in the share economy with these lesser known peer-to-peer platforms

Make big money in the share economy with these lesser known peer-to-peer platforms, by Melanie Burgess.

Sydneysider Chris Cooper brought in about $100,000 last year sharing his property and his time.

On top of renting out real estate through Airbnb and Stayz — which he admitted is his biggest earner — Cooper drove for Uber and GoCatch, rented out his Tesla through Car Next Door and Car Hood, rented out his driveway space through Spacer, and took delivery jobs through Zoom2u and Airtasker.

“It started about three years ago. I kicked off with Airbnb then transitioned to Uber. It got me thinking that these things are a good model to earn income or reduce your costs of living and it’s interesting on a social level as well,” he said.

“It’s about sharing your assets rather than having them lay idle.”

Instead of paying to park his car at the airport, Mr Cooper came back from trips to hundreds of dollars and a newly washed vehicle by handing it over to Car Hoods who rented it out from the airport while he was abroad.

He said he enjoyed picking up Uber passengers when he went into the city so someone else would pay his Harbour Bridge toll.

In one instance, he combined a trip to a work meeting with two Uber drop-offs and a parcel delivery for Airtasker.

“I got paid $100 to drive into where I was going anyway,” he said.