European Officials Commandeer Private Property to House Migrants

European Officials Commandeer Private Property to House Migrants, by Alex Newman.

Faced with an orchestrated influx of millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East, German officials have started commandeering private property to house the tsunami of new arrivals.

Italian property owners have also been forced, literally kicking and screaming, to house migrants against their will. Plans to put resistors in jail are reportedly being considered.

And in Sweden, where an extreme housing shortage in Stockholm has been made even more acute by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants in recent years, authorities are using tax money to outbid Swedes in the intensifying competition for living space. …

Authorities in Hamburg … have now seized six apartments in the central Hamm district, against the owner’s will. After the properties were confiscated, officials began “renovating” them so they would be suitable for tenants of the government’s choosing. The property owner will be billed for all the “renovation” expenses incurred by the government, a spokesman for the governing council behind the seizures was quoted as saying in the press. The costs are estimated to run into five figures. A “city-appointed trustee” will oversee the process and the housing units commandeered by authorities.

This is perverse — the job of government is to serve its citizens.

If the government really wants your house, it can make an offer to buy it — and you can choose to accept, or not. With possible exceptions for dire need by many others. There is a huge moral difference between offering to buy, and forcibly taking for its own purposes. Right vs wrong.

hat-tip Stephen Neil