Paris Agreement Just Anti-White Virtue Signalling

Paris Agreement Just Anti-White Virtue Signalling, by John Derbyshire.

Sure, all the important countries signed on to it, but not on equal terms. The U.S.A., in the person of Barack Obama, promised to reduce the U.S.A.’s carbon dioxide emissions by at least 26 percent over 15 years; China only promised that their emissions would stop rising by 2030 — having of course risen mightily in the meantime.

The fact that well-nigh every country has signed on to the agreement tells you, all by itself, that nobody much takes it seriously. Only Syria and Nicaragua have not signed. Syria is busy with other issues, and nobody knows or cares where Nicaragua is or what happens to the place, if it even is a place.

When 195 of the world’s countries agree to something, without discord or rancor or the mobilization of troops, you can be sure it’s something of very little consequence to any of them. This is global-scale virtue signalling.

And as is the case with all virtue signalling, the Paris agreement, so far as it has any content at all, is anti-white. It places the heaviest obligations on prosperous, successful developed countries, which means mostly white countries.

What, for example, would be the penalties against a country that broke its promises under the Paris Agreement? And who would enforce those penalties? Answers: Nothing and nobody. There is no enforcement mechanism.

And it got Trumped.