Crybully Kathy Griffin Tries to Become a Victim of Her Sick Photo Shoot

Crybully Kathy Griffin Tries to Become a Victim of Her Sick Photo Shoot, by Megan Fox.

I keep thinking we have reached the edge of insanity, but then the Left goes and proves me wrong. At noon today Kathy Griffin went on TV … to accuse the Trump family of “bullying” her in the wake of the bloody photo shoot she chose to do with the odious Tyler Shields.

This is what the double standard of the Left looks like. Attack someone, receive some pushback (like all your upcoming jobs canceling on you) and start crying that you’re the victim of a hate campaign.

But before we listen to her dig her hole deeper with the spawn lawyer and complain about Twitter mobs and “death threats” (I guarantee she’s going to say she got some), let’s remember who invented attack mobs. SPOILER ALERT! The Left!

Memories Pizza Remember the little mom and pop shop in Indiana minding their own business when they unadvisedly told a reporter that they probably wouldn’t serve a gay wedding? The leftist Twitter mobs attacked and they were closed for business within days, threatened with death, vandalism, and all manner of horrors. The media was complicit in the takedown of a struggling small business and they did it with glee for the greater cause. Even the president of the United States, that kind and wonderful Barack Obama, who was so civilized, got in on it.

Always the leftist hypocrisy. Well that didn’t take to find. Thank goodness for the Internet, because the mainstream media would never point that out! There are several other cases in the article.

The bigger picture:

The other victims are all of you. You Deplorables out there who support your president. Griffin wasn’t just holding up Trump’s head, she was holding up yours and mine. She exposed the truth of who the Left are and what they want in one photo. If you think they don’t want this to end in bloody violence with them standing victorious and smeared in our blood, you’re fooling yourself. Just visit Berkeley when some conservative is slated to speak and wear a #MAGA hat. If you make it out unbloodied, it will be a miracle.

And so there’s this stupid press conference now where Griffin cries and moans that Donald Trump is trying to ruin her life. She has no concept that she has any responsibility in this at all. She blames sexism, censorship, and everything and everyone other than herself. Typical.

But don’t let the tears fool or persuade you. She went looking for a fight and now she got one with the whole country. It may be more than she bargained for, but it’s exactly what she had coming.

We don’t accept your apology, Kathy. What you need (and are getting) is a taste of your own medicine. It’s awful, isn’t it?