US Government forces New Jersey town that denied mosque to pay Muslims $3.25 million, build mosque, get “diversity training”

US Government forces New Jersey town that denied mosque to pay Muslims $3.25 million, build mosque, get “diversity training”, by Katie Mettler.

The worshipers waited four years and 39 public hearings for the official denial: Muslims in their small New Jersey town would not be allowed to build a mosque.

The 2015 decision made by the planning board in Bernards Township, N.J., a majority-white suburb of 26,000 people, came after significant public opposition to the mosque that thrust the community into the national spotlight and spurred religious discrimination lawsuits from the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge and the Department of Justice.

On Tuesday, the township learned the cost of its six-year-old decision: $3.25 million.

As part of a settlement of the suits, the township must allow construction of the mosque to begin at its original proposed location, according to the Justice Department. Bernards Township will pay the Islamic Society $1.5 million in damages and $1.75 million in attorney fees and require town officials to submit to diversity and inclusion training.

Not much doubt about whose side the bureaucrats are on. Drain the swamp.

Robert Spencer:

In battles over mosques all over the country, the elephant in the room is not allowed to be discussed: the connections of the mosque leaders to the Muslim Brotherhood and other jihad groups. People don’t oppose these mosques because of “racism” or “bigotry,” but because they’re concerned about jihad terror.

With most of the mosques in the U.S. getting funding from Saudi Arabia and surveys having shown that most mosques in the U.S. preach hatred of Jews and Christians and the necessity ultimately to replace the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law, these are legitimate concerns, but discussion of them is foreclosed as “Islamophobic.” …

There is no constitutional right to break American laws under the guise of freedom of religion. This principle has been obscured, and needs to be reasserted, or we are in for a world of hurt.

Islam is so much more than a religion, and the PC crew’s pretense that it is just like say Hinduism or Confucianism is wilful blindness. Islam is the ultimate conquest meme, alive and thriving since the seventh century, and with Sharia law it is a totalitarian political ideology.

hat-tip Stephen Neil