UK election: Conservatives’ ad attacking Corbyn gets millions of views

UK election: Conservatives’ ad attacking Corbyn gets millions of views, by Mark Bridge.

A US-style “attack ad” showing Jeremy Corbyn opposing anti-terrorism legislation that was released after the Manchester bombing has become the most-watched advert in British political history.

Experts said that the sophistication of the video, its aggressive message and saturation distribution reflected the value the parties, particularly the Conservatives, place on social media.

Web bypasses media, and changes UK election culture:

James Frayne, founding partner of Public First, the communications agency, said: “The Conservatives’ recent ad on Corbyn is a key moment. For the first time a political party has made a slick ad for the web and put significant money behind its targeted distribution. We’re now developing an American political campaign culture in earnest.”

Mr Frayne said the video was effectively a form of television advertising. Parties are not allowed to advertise on TV and have embraced unregulated “dark ads” on the web instead.

He said: “In Britain we’ve always resisted an American-style campaign culture of aggressive negative TV ads. This election, particularly with the Conservatives’ devastating ad on Jeremy Corbyn, shows we’ve effectively got to that point anyway but through the web.”