Trump nearly, really, almost, about to pull out of Paris Agreement

Trump nearly, really, almost, about to pull out of Paris Agreement, by Joanne Nova.

Two days ago unidentified confidants suggested he would really pull out. Now more unnamed sources have more details about the announcement that is apparently imminent. Headlines are telling us that Trump Withdraws from Paris Climate Change, but Trump hasn’t (yet). …

Trump was elected on this promise, and now people are shocked that he might keep it.

Threats are floating around from the usual suspects.

LA will secede from the United States:

Liberal megadonor Tom Steyer: Trump Breaking Paris Climate Deal Would Be a ‘Traitorous Act of War’, by Tyler O’Neil.

“If Donald Trump pulls the United States out of the Paris agreement he will be committing a traitorous act of war against the American people,” Steyer declared in a statement Sunday. “The Paris Agreement is essential to leaving a healthy, safe and prosperous world to our children, but Trump is making it clear that he’s willing to sacrifice America’s best interests for the sake of special interest profits.”

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific, Charles, Stephen Neil