Tony Abbott pushes for terror courts

Tony Abbott pushes for terror courts, by The Australian.

Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott has pushed for the creation of “special courts” to hear evidence against returning jihadists and says Australia needs to change the way it “tolerates” extremist Muslims. …

“The only safe jihadi is one who’s been lawfully killed, lawfully imprisoned, or thoroughly converted from Islamism. The government has stripped dual national terrorists of their right to ­return. We need to find ways to keep all the others out of the country or in jail,” he said.

“The government has made it an ­offence to travel to designated terrorist zones, without lawful cause. We need to ensure every returning jihadi can readily be charged and convicted, possibly through the creation of special courts that can hear evidence that may not normally be admissible.”

Mr Abbott said Australia was faced with a “basic problem” and tendency to treat people “with kid gloves, even when they’re abusing our goodwill”.

We refuse to believe that ­Islamist fanatics really mean it when they say they’re coming to kill us. The root cause of this disorder is not mental illness, poverty, Islamophobia or Western foreign policy.

“It’s in the Koran, which too many people take literally. We pussyfoot around the fact many passages of the Muslim holy book command things that are completely incompatible with modern Western life, and even justify terrorism. … We tolerate from hard line Muslims what we would not tolerate for a second if it emanated from any other source.”

Mr Abbott, who has been critical of ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis for saying there is “absolutely no evidence” to suggest a link between the refugee intake and terrorism, said the nation should insist on “one set of rules for all Australians” and “stop apologising for ourselves”.

Good to see at least one high-profile politician saying this.

hat-tip Stephen Neil