ISIS ‘terror playbook’ urges lone wolves to hide behind fake Gumtree and eBay ads

ISIS ‘terror playbook’ urges lone wolves to hide behind fake Gumtree and eBay ads, by Mark Saunokonoko.

Islamic State has called on supporters to place fake ads on popular websites like Gumtree to lure innocent victims who will be held hostage and then executed.

The latest edition of the terror group’s online magazine Rumiyah outlines in chilling detail how would-be lone wolves can carry out such attacks. …

ISIS methods include advertising decoy jobs, second hand items for sale and rooms to rent on websites like Gumtree, eBay and Craig’s list. All are ploys designed to snare unsuspecting victims for execution.

The six-page article goes on to explain how to subdue and kill people with knives and other weapons, once they have been trapped. …

A well-deployed ad selling make-believe goods will stipulate that the buyer must pick up the item, and “upon the target’s arrival, one can then proceed to initiate his attack”. …

Readers are pointed to a back issue of the multi-language magazine which showcases what kind of knives are best suited to carry out an execution.

Tactics such as turning up the volume of the stereo to drown out screams and what type of equipment can be bought from a hardware store to restrain a victim’s hands are also included.

hat-tip Stephen Neil