Prudence Isn’t Fear

Prudence Isn’t Fear, by Tom Piatak.

It is now clear that Islamic immigration carries with it the cost of murder and mayhem. Of course, most Muslims who come to Europe are peaceful, but some irreducible fraction are not. Nor is this a problem solved by time spent in Europe. Indeed, a number of Islamic terrorists in Europe grew up there, and some have been the grandchildren of immigrants.

By contrast, there is no benefit conferred on Europeans by Islamic immigrants outweighing this horrible cost, since the labor Muslim immigrants provide (when they aren’t receiving welfare instead) can be provided just as well by others, including by Europeans themselves.

A prudent statesman would take this into account, and either refuse to accept Islamic immigrants, as Poland is doing, or build a wall to prevent Islamic “refugees” from entering, as Poland’s traditional ally Hungary has done.

In the “new world” heralded by Barack Obama and his European allies, though, Europeans aren’t allowed to care about such mundane matters as the survival of their countries. Indeed, most European politicians seem utterly indifferent to the well-being of the ordinary people in their countries—the type of people who end up getting stabbed, or blown up, or run down by Muslim murderers—and hostile to anyone who dissents from a Europeanist ideology that insists that the highest expression of European values is for Europe to cease being European.

Very sensible.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Who were the ancient Egyptians? Mummy DNA reveals surprising clues

Who were the ancient Egyptians? Mummy DNA reveals surprising clues, by Bianca Nogrady. Only surprising if you haven’t been paying attention to history.

Researchers used modern genetic analysis techniques to study the genomes of 93 mummies that lived between 1300 BC — the late New Kingdom Period — and around 30 BC during the time of the Romans. …

They then compared the genomes of these ancient Egyptians with data from the genome of modern Egyptians. …

Instead of finding that ancient Egyptians were more African, we actually found them to be almost zero or much less sub-Saharan African than the population that live in Egypt today,” he said.

“They have these closest genetic links to the fertile crescent and the eastern populations of what’s now Israel, but if they came from there or if they just evolved with gene flow all the time in this region, we cannot really say.” …

They also saw a clear genetic continuity right across the 1300-year time period of the studied mummies, despite the fact that over that time course Egypt was invaded by the Greeks, the Romans and Nubians. …

And yet, at some point in the past 1,500 years, there has been a major addition of sub-Saharan genetic material — largely West-African Yoruba — into Egypt’s population. …

But there is evidence of an active slave trade that reached its peak in the 19th century, and which was responsible for the transportation of millions of slaves from sub-Saharan Africa to Northern Africa and Egypt.

The Arab invasion with the Muslim conquest in the seventh century has a lot to do with it.

See also What Race Were the Greeks and Romans?, which points out that the ancient Greeks and Romans were whites, and largely Nordic. Ancient Egyptians, such as Cleopatra, were also white.

hat-tip Philip Barton

Ex-UN envoy Bolton to JPost: Trump has no chance at ultimate peace deal

Ex-UN envoy Bolton to JPost: Trump has no chance at ultimate peace deal, by Yonah Jeremy Bob.

There is no chance President Donald Trump will secure a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton told The Jerusalem Post on Monday. …

“It is not a question of personality or effort, it is just undoable. There has been a 70-plus year effort for the two-state solution,” which has failed, he said, adding, “You can’t put it back together again.”

Bolton said both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority were not viable interlocutors for peace and that any two-state solution would lead to “a terror state or an anarchic state.”

Instead, he proposed a threestate solution to include, “giving Gaza to Egypt, dividing up the West Bank – however it would be divided – with those not included in Israel becoming part of Jordan.”

From the man who was born to be the US Secretary of State. A shame it didn’t happen; hope is still there.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

Motion to uphold parental rights in Victoria rejected

Motion to uphold parental rights in Victoria rejected, by Dan Flynn.

[Australian Christian Lobby] Victorian Director Dan Flynn said the parliamentary motion … to ensure parents were properly consulted before controversial gender theory programs such as ‘Safe Schools’ and Respectful Relationships were imposed in schools, should have received unanimous support.

“Unfortunately, the Andrews [Labor] Government joined with the Greens and the Sex Party to put itself at odds with the Liberal, National, Shooter and Fishers parties, independent MLC James Purcell and the DLP who all supported the motion,” Mr Flynn said.

“By not supporting the motion, which called on parliament to respect the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights that ‘parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children, the Government, Greens and the Sex Party appears to be digging in their heels, putting them on a collision course with concerned parents.

“In the lead up to the next state election, the Government is giving a clear signal that it favours extreme radical LBGT rainbow ideology over the rights of parents to have a say about their kids’ education.

“Unfortunately, the Victorian Government is going against the advice of an independent review commissioned by the Federal Government last year which said parents and parental groups should have the right to know when Safe Schools is being taught in schools.

Safe Schools teaches kids that their gender is fluid and a social construct and that no-one can tell a child whether they are a boy or girl based on biological science.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Beijing builds huge underwater spying hub in disputed seas

Beijing builds huge underwater spying hub in disputed seas, by James Fullerton.

South China Sea

Beijing is building a vast £230 million underwater spying network across the sea bed of disputed territory in the East China Sea and South China Sea, raising fears that President Xi is plotting to seize new land and expand his military presence.

China will create a huge surveillance hub with underwater cameras, sensors and radar that will feed information back to Shanghai. It is suspected that Beijing will use the information to monitor shipping traffic and scrutinise any attempts by its neighbours who dispute China’s territorial claims in the region to grab back land.

Beijing has said that the spying hub will give “round-the-clock, real-time, high-definition, multiple interface, and three-dimensional observations”. …

The new underwater development is expected to take five years to complete. Jian Zhimin, dean of the school of ocean and earth science at Tongji University in Shanghai, said: “Devices will be placed down on the sea bed through optical cables; in other words we’ll build a laboratory undersea to collect and send data back to us.”

In modern warfare anything can be destroyed — so hiding and knowing where the opposition are of paramount importance. The South China Sea is soon going to be much too dangerous for non-Chinese fighting vessels, including submarines.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

‘I went too far’: Kathy Griffin apologizes for posting a video of Trump’s ‘severed head’ on social media

‘I went too far’: Kathy Griffin apologizes for posting a video of Trump’s ‘severed head’ on social media, by the Daily Mail.

Kathy Griffin has apologized for posting a photo of President Trump’s severed head after furious backlash – including from Chelsea Clinton – and the Secret Service tweeted suggested she may be investigated over the stunt.

The controversial comedian tweeted ‘I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong’ after Griffin was seen slowly raising Trump’s head during a photoshoot with infamous photographer Tyler Shields. She also posted a video promising to remove the offending image.

But the apology was not enough to stop an army of critics, both Trump supporters and Democrats from attacking Griffin on social media for the outrageous stunt.

That’s the first time anyone has established that it is possible to go too far in being anti-Trump. Even virtue-signalling has its limits.

Imagine the nuclear media explosion of media disapproval if someone had done this with Obama. But of course, no one on tv would want to do this to Obama, would they?

Any other beheadings in the news recently?

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Charles

Memorial Day in a Divided Nation: An important lesson for the left

Memorial Day in a Divided Nation: An important lesson for the left, by Daniel Greenfield. The American version of ANZAC Day.

Memorial Day has a powerful meaning that we have forgotten. It was the holiday that reunited our country after the Civil War. It began when Americans, from the North and the South, entered the cold gray stone fields of the dead, and decorated the graves of the fallen from the Grand Army of the Republic and the Confederacy with freshly cut flowers.

They followed no presidential order. They acted under no regulation. Instead the mothers and wives of men who would return home no more brought flowers to the graves of their fallen sons and husbands, and to the resting places of the young American men who might have slain them, who had been the enemy, but who still deserved honor and respect. …

Memorial Day’s origins offer us one answer. Mutual respect.

Certain disagreements are intellectually, culturally and emotionally irreconcilable. The Civil War emerged out of such a conflict. The civil war we are sliding toward now is being born out of another. But mutual respect can make coexistence possible even in the face of fundamental divisions. And where there is no such respect, even minor differences become impossible to reconcile except through force.

The left expresses its radicalism as violent contempt. If it wants to understand where Trump came from, it need look no further than the contempt that its political and cultural leaders express for opponents. Its conviction of moral superiority makes it impossible for it to accept President Trump or his voters, and leads it to assault Trump supporters, vandalize memorials, attack the Constitution and openly plot subversion and secession. …

The left is convinced of its utter moral superiority and the total moral inferiority of its enemies. Its utopian projects are pursued with ruthless violence and secured with unlimited power. Its enemies exist only to be brutally ground under. Those who are not of the left have no right to exist upon the earth. They are accorded no rights, no freedoms and no respect. Only a choice between slavery and death.

That is why the left wins its victories and then covers the land in blood. Its societies collapse into misery and repression. This was where the American Revolution differed so fundamentally from the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. We celebrate that difference on the Fourth of July. It is also where the Civil War differed from so many other civil wars not in its battles, but in its aftermath. That is the great moral victory that we remember on Memorial Day. A mutual victory of national reunification.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

Oh look, the rainbow fascists are at it again

Oh look, the rainbow fascists are at it again, by Miranda Devine.

This time they’re trying to erase tennis great Margaret Court from the sport’s history because she dared to express a view on marriage contrary to Qantas’ gay activist CEO Alan Joyce.

“I am disappointed that Qantas has become an active promoter for same-sex marriage,” she wrote in a letter to The West Australian last week.

“I believe in marriage as a union between a man and a woman as stated in the Bible. Your statement leaves me no option but to use other airlines where possible for my extensive travelling.”

Court is free to boycott Qantas if she wishes, and she is hardly the only Australian affronted by Irishman Joyce’s hijacking of our national airline as his personal political plaything.

But for sticking her head above the parapet, she has been pilloried, with a growing chorus, driven by Czech-American Martina Navratilova, pushing to delete her name from the Melbourne stadium named in her honour.

As a reader points out, this is a modern version of “Damnatio memoriae”, a punishment in Ancient Rome considered worse than death. Latin for “condemnation of memory” it was a form of dishonour aimed at erasing the person from history.

Liberals Are Shocked To Find We’re Starting To Hate Them Right Back

Liberals Are Shocked To Find We’re Starting To Hate Them Right Back, by Kurt Schlicter.

That’s not a good thing, not by any measure, but it is a real thing. Liberals have chosen to coarsen our culture. Their validation and encouragement of raw hate, their flouting of laws (Hi leakers! Hi Hillary!) and their utter refusal to accept democratic outcomes they disapprove of have consequences. What is itself so surprising is how liberals and their media rentboyz are so surprised to find that we normals are beginning to feel about them the way they feel about us – and that we’re starting to act on it. If you hate us, guess what?

We’re going to start hating you right back. …

We don’t like the new rules –- I’d sure prefer a society where no one was getting attacked, having walked through the ruins of a country that took that path –- but we normals didn’t choose the new rules. The left did. It gave us Ferguson, Middlebury College, Berkeley, and “Punch a Nazi” –- which, conveniently for the left, translates as “punch normals.” And many of us have had personal experiences with this New Hate –- jobs lost, hassles, and worse. Some scumbags at an anti-Trump rally attacked my friend and horribly injured his dog. His freaking dog. …

Humans –- especially normal Americans -– won’t tolerate a double standard. But double standards apply all the time to liberals – they do it and it’s fine, but we do it and it’s Armageddon. The same jerks screaming for O‘Reilly’s scalp worship Bill Clinton and his drunken, perv-enabling pseudo-wife. …

The left is shocked that the right has now stopped caring about the old rules, since for so long the left relied on the right to subordinate its human instincts and conform to those rules even when the left ignored them. We refused to stoop to their level, and for a long time, we were “better than that.” But you can only have one side being “better than that” for so long before people get sick of being the butt of the hypocrisy.

Self-driving cars have enormous ramifications for all investors

Self-driving cars have enormous ramifications for all investors, by Jack Hough.

Self-driving vehicles could hit showrooms within five years — and begin to dominate the roads in as few as 15. They will bring more networking, electrification and ride-hailing, along with some predictable long-term changes.

Among these are a plunge in accidents, emissions and private car ownership, and a freeing up of commuter time. There are many follow-on effects to consider, too. Among them:

  • Entire professions could become obsolete. Beyond professional drivers for cars, trucks and buses, there are salespeople, insurance workers, fuel-station owners, parking attendants, car-wash workers and more. …
  • No more speeding or parking tickets, and no more meter fees. Cities will have to make up the revenue, perhaps by taxing ­mobility services. …
  • Programmers will be forced to make life-and-death decisions in advance, until regulators create guidelines. For example, if a pedestrian darts out in front of a passenger-carrying robo-car, should the computer prioritise the life of the passenger or the pedestrian? Does it matter if there are two pedestrians and one passenger? Will consumers embrace self-driving cars that don’t give their lives, and their lives of their families, top ­priority in all cases? …
  • Waiting lists for organ donations will grow longer, as car accidents, especially fatal ones, become rarer. …

It’s too late for scepticism on robo-cars. Alphabet’s Waymo division has already logged three million autonomous miles. Eight companies have plans to bring fully self-driving cars to market within the next five years.

IHS Markit, a research group, predicts 32 per cent market penetration of highly autonomous cars by 2035.

Ride-hailing services are already testing driverless taxis, including Uber and Lyft in the US and GrabTaxi in Singapore.

In coming years, they could roll out services costing $US1 a mile, which compares favourably with the cost of car ownership. As the technology ­matures, costs could be pushed lower.

There will be accidents, including deadly ones, with no drunk or reckless drivers to blame, just programming bugs, and an already robo-phobic public will recoil from the coverage on cable news.

Yet the cold calculus of those deaths is perhaps the main ­reason that self-driving cars are inevitable.

Shia vs. Sunni: The Schism Western Politicians Don’t Understand and Won’t Discuss

Shia vs. Sunni: The Schism Western Politicians Don’t Understand and Won’t Discuss, by John Hayward.

Western politicians rarely acknowledge the schism between Shia and Sunni Islam. There is nothing remotely comparable to this schism in any other religion in the modern world.

The Sunni-Shia conflict defines the political structure of the Middle East, from the international rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia to the internal politics of Muslim nations. And yet, Western politicians, eager to portray Islam as a “religion of peace,” speak of Muslims as homogenous.

At the hard core of political correctness, Islam is treated more like a race than a religion, a monolithic ethnic bloc like “Hispanics” or “Asians.” …

In truth, there are Shiite Muslims who do not think Sunnis count as Muslim at all, and vice versa. Adherents of the more extreme sects within the Sunni and Shia schools view moderate followers of the same basic tradition as apostates. …

The Sunni-Shiite rift … flows from a doctrinal dispute that might seem trivial to modern outsiders. When Mohammed died in the 7th Century, there was a profound disagreement among the early followers of Islam about who should succeed him as leader. …

Iran still believes its theocracy has rightful authority over Islam under the Shiite model of descent from Mohammed, for example. One of the candidates in the recent Iranian presidential election, cleric Ebrahim Raisi, wears a black turban to signify he is a sayed, a descendant of Mohammed. …

The royal family of Jordan is seen by some analysts as key to bridging the Sunni-Shiite divide, because the Hashemite ruling dynasty of Sunni Jordan claims direct descent from Mohammed’s family, satisfying the Shiite criteria for authentic leadership of Islam. Unfortunately, this also means the Jordanian regime gets to enjoy the violent hatred of both Sunni and Shiite extremists. …

Another branch of Islam that often suffers discrimination and violence from other Muslims is the Sufi sect. The Sufis are neither Sunni nor Shiite — or they might say they are both, since both Sunni and Shiite Islam have Sufi chapters. …

None of these branches of Islam are themselves homogeneous. There are dozens of different Sufi orders, for instance. …

To be sure, not all Muslims feel any of this doctrinal animosity. It would be a fool’s game to say “most do” or “most don’t,” given the size of the global Muslim population, the differences between Muslims of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, and the effects of emigration and assimilation. …

Muslims abuse and kill each other over doctrinal conflicts on a horrifying scale. Most of that violence and oppression is not “terrorism.” It comes from military conflicts and government crackdowns on religious minorities.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Scott of the Pacific

Preachers at mosque where Manchester bomber prayed called for homosexuals, British soldiers and non-believers to be killed

Preachers at mosque where Manchester bomber prayed called for homosexuals, British soldiers and non-believers to be killed, by Ben Lazarus.

Labour’s Khalid Mahmood said: “It has to be asked where a 22-year-old man born and bred in Manchester gets that sort of hatred from. …

“They have to be groomed towards such ideas and extremist preachers often act as a gateway.

“They set up the thought process and once someone’s mind is conditioned towards hatred they stop seeing people around them as human.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Australian bureaucracy lets migrant riffraff run rings around our elected representatives

Australian bureaucracy lets migrant riffraff run rings around our elected representatives, by Nick Cater.

Consider the case of the Iranian who arrived by boat in 2011 and was given a protection visa on the grounds he faced execution at home. When he returned safe and sound to Australia after his third trip back to Iran, Dutton decided the jig was up and ordered his deportation. Yet the tribunal stayed the minister’s hand.

After all, he’s only a minister in a popularly elected government acting on the advice of his department. The tribunal’s members, apparently, have been chosen for their penetrative wisdom, incorruptible judgment and unwavering impartiality.

Case 2:

Among the dubious characters who — thanks to the AAT — still call Australia home is an Indian taxi driver on a bridging visa who was found guilty of putting his hand up the dress of a drunk ­female passenger, touching and kissing her.

AAT adjudicator Miriam Holmes overturned a deportation order, saying cancellation of his visa would adversely affect his ability to manage his psychological condition with his treating psychologist while his wife would suffer emotional hardship.

Case 3:

Then there’s Calabrian mafia boss Francesco Madafferi, with a history of violence and extortion. He overstayed a tourist visa and would have been jailed if sent back to Italy. His deportation order was overruled in 2000 by tribunal member Alan Blow QC on the grounds it would have an adverse impact on his children.

“Their mother would be saddened … probably for a very long time,” he said. Madafferi subsequently was sentenced to 10 years in jail for his part in the importation of 15 million ecstasy pills.

The unions are mainly run by PC lawyers:

To describe these decisions as “infuriating”, as Dutton did last week, is an understatement. But like any good union boss, Law Council president Fiona McLeod SC hit back on behalf of her ­members.

“Any suggestion by government that Australian jurists are not acting with independence is dangerous and erosive to our justice system, and lies outside Australia’s democratic tradition,” McLeod said.

An Australian “Deep State”? Maybe just PC people in all the right places, with no outsiders allowed:

Anti-democratic? There’s a good one. An administrative judi­cial body, staffed by bureaucrats on six-figure salaries, is apparently a better guardian of democracy than a minister of the crown.

hat-tip Stephen Neil