UK Poll predicts Tories may lose majority

UK Poll predicts Tories may lose majority, by Sam Coates. Looks like Theresa May is blowing a huge initial lead against an old style socialist.

The Conservative Party could be in line to lose 20 seats and Labour gain nearly 30 in next week’s general election, according to new modelling by one of Britain’s leading pollsters.

YouGov’s first constituency-by-constituency estimate of the election result predicts that the Tories would fall short of an overall majority by 16 seats, leading to a hung parliament.

The central projection of the model, which allows for a wide margin of error, would be a catastrophic outcome for Theresa May, who called the election when polls pointed to a landslide result. Her support appears to have plunged after the poor reception of the party manifesto, including plans to make more elderly voters pay for home care. …

The estimates were met with scepticism by Tory and Labour figures. One prominent Conservative said that the party was expecting a majority of 50 or more, despite an “atrocious” campaign, and insisted that anger over the manifesto was fading.

Other pollsters predicted a convincing victory for the Tories. Andrew Hawkins, chairman of ComRes, said: “If voters behave in the way they broadly did in 2015 then the Conservatives remain on track for a 100-plus majority. This seems, on present assumptions, the most likely outcome.”

Prime Minister mocked on social media for debate performance, by Chris Graham. Some examples: