Slash ABC funds or else, warns One Nation

Slash ABC funds or else, warns One Nation, by Rosie Lewis.

One Nation has put key budget measures worth at least $5 billion in doubt as the minor party hardens its stance against the government’s agenda, declaring it will oppose almost all Coalition bills unless ABC funding is slashed. …

Senator Burston … said One Nation would reject “all bills associated with the budget” and the media changes, if the broadcaster’s $1 billion a year funding was not cut by $600 million over the forward estimates. He blamed the broadcaster’s “unfair treatment” for the approach.

But Australia needs a leftist media behemoth that presents the PC point of view, subsided by tax payers and run by a left-green collective in inner Sydney!

Seriously though, on issue after issue, misinformation and selective reporting by the media is the problem — led by the ABC. The mandatory nature of funding the ABC is morally repugnant and commercially unfair — just ask the Fairfax press.

The ABC treats One Nation appallingly. They never go after the Greens, or Labor, or even the Liberals or Nationals,  like they go after One Nation for not kowtowing to PC. Hanson is not for bullying.

hat-tip Stephen Neil