Prudence Isn’t Fear

Prudence Isn’t Fear, by Tom Piatak.

It is now clear that Islamic immigration carries with it the cost of murder and mayhem. Of course, most Muslims who come to Europe are peaceful, but some irreducible fraction are not. Nor is this a problem solved by time spent in Europe. Indeed, a number of Islamic terrorists in Europe grew up there, and some have been the grandchildren of immigrants.

By contrast, there is no benefit conferred on Europeans by Islamic immigrants outweighing this horrible cost, since the labor Muslim immigrants provide (when they aren’t receiving welfare instead) can be provided just as well by others, including by Europeans themselves.

A prudent statesman would take this into account, and either refuse to accept Islamic immigrants, as Poland is doing, or build a wall to prevent Islamic “refugees” from entering, as Poland’s traditional ally Hungary has done.

In the “new world” heralded by Barack Obama and his European allies, though, Europeans aren’t allowed to care about such mundane matters as the survival of their countries. Indeed, most European politicians seem utterly indifferent to the well-being of the ordinary people in their countries—the type of people who end up getting stabbed, or blown up, or run down by Muslim murderers—and hostile to anyone who dissents from a Europeanist ideology that insists that the highest expression of European values is for Europe to cease being European.

Very sensible.

hat-tip Stephen Neil