Paris mayor may ban black feminist Nyansapo festival

Paris mayor may ban black feminist Nyansapo festival, by the BBC. What, the near miss with Le Pen is causing some second thoughts?

The mayor of Paris has called for a black feminist festival in the city to be banned on the grounds that it excludes white people.

At the Nyansapo Festival in July, billed as “blackfeminist”, 80% of the venue will be reserved for black women.

Black people of any gender will be allowed in another area, while a third area will be open to all. …

On Friday the regional head of the far-right National Front party had challenged Ms Hidalgo to explain the “blatantly racist” event.

Normally the cultural Marxists who increasingly run western governments tacitly allow this sort of discrimination. Certainly the conference organizers would have thought so. Maybe voting for politicians who are against such nonsense actually makes a difference.