Shock: Complete MSM News Blackout on NSA Illegal Spying Bombshell

Shock: Complete MSM News Blackout on NSA Illegal Spying Bombshell, by Debra Heine.

On Wednesday, investigative news site Circa News broke a blockbuster story about illegal spying during the Obama years. So far, only Fox News and a handful of conservative websites have covered the bombshell news. According to Newsbusters, the big three networks — ABC, CBS, and NBC — have completely omitted the story from their evening broadcasts. So have the Washington Post, the New York Times, and every other major mainstream media outlet. They’ve opted instead to cover RussiaGate fodder that continues to bear little fruit and negative news about Donald Trump. …

The Obama administration spied on journalists too. But it doesn’t matter — that’s all water under the bridge now. The media has united in lockstep to destroy Trump and no super-scandal about the past administration weaponizing surveillance capabilities to illegally spy on Americans is going to get in the way of their goal of impeaching him.