Yes, too many young Britons are work-shy: Shame it takes a Romanian minister to say what UK politicians daren’t

Yes, too many young Britons are work-shy: Shame it takes a Romanian minister to say what UK politicians daren’t, by Max Hastings.

Youth unemployment is one of the most depressing features of life in Britain today.

Almost a million 18 to 25-year-olds lack work. The compassion industry tells us this scourge should be our shame; that we are threatened with a ‘lost generation’, whom we have betrayed.

Yet in any restaurant or pizza parlour, especially in southern England, one is likely to be served by a Pole, a Latvian or  a Romanian. …

This week, Romania’s labour minister declared defiantly that the British, instead of complaining about the looming surge of her young compatriots into this country, should be grateful to them for doing jobs our own people recoil from. …

On the matter of jobs, she makes an embarrassing but absolutely valid point. Anyone in Britain who looks around their own city or even market town sees migrants, most from Eastern Europe, working unremittingly on hospital wards, throughout the hospitality industry, in car washes and on farms, as builders and plumbers, and in many homes. …

Same in Australia, increasingly, as foreign backpackers do a lot of the less appealing jobs. Without the backpackers, employers would have to raise wages to attract Australians to do them.

The modern educational system, abetted by Left-wing politicians and much of the media, teaches the young vastly more about their rights than their responsibilities.

Perniciously, school and university leavers are infused with a delusion that they should expect to fulfil themselves on their own terms.

So you want to be an artist or an actor or a TV presenter? Go on. Do it. Be yourself.

Much of the higher education industry offers ill-qualified teenagers courses wildly unlikely to lead to gainful employment — for instance Media Studies. These hapless souls graduate and unsurprisingly fail to find work on the Andrew Marr Show.

But still they shrink from doing what their ancestors have done for centuries in a similar predicament. They will not sign up to real life; become a nurse or waiter or mini-cab driver.

Instead, they cling doggedly to the life-choice they aspire to, rather than accept something humbler and more mundane, which somebody is eager to pay them to do.

Others, of course, merely shrug and settle for a life on benefits.

Pathetically few young British people, after being brainwashed into an absurdly exaggerated idea of their own entitlement, will accept a job that involves providing  personal service, because they think this demeaning. …

Amazingly few domestic or office cleaners, especially in the cities of South-East England, are British. When the rich recruit butlers, nannies, maids — who tend to be lavishly rewarded — they seldom look for them at Job Centres.

If too many young Britons took any sort of domestic job or restaurant work, the chances are they would be sacked within weeks because they lacked the indispensable self-discipline and willingness to serve others cheerfully.

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