Misguided, squeamish Liberals are failing Aborigines

Misguided, squeamish Liberals are failing Aborigines, by Greg Sheridan.

We should recognise that any constitutional recognition would be extremely bad in principle because it would create two classes of citizen. …

However, the failure of liberal and conservative Liberals and Nationals to make the case in principle against creating two classes of Australians in the Constitution is representative of the broader failure of the Liberal Party at almost all intellectual and cultural contention. …

This is all madness. The whole thrust of liberalism in the 20th century was to abolish all civic distinctions arising out of race, culture or inheritance. Your father may have been a beast, but you start with a clean slate. Your father may have been a prince, but you must establish your own character through your actions. Neither virtue nor vice, or any kind of civic distinction, goes to one citizen over another on the basis of race. …

Nothing is more toxic in Western political culture today than identity politics, the idea that it is not your own choices that make you but some innate or inherited characteristic. Within this powerfully destructive paradigm there is an overwhelming incentive to create, celebrate and, above all, preserve grievance. This can give moral superiority to the person identified as a victim and to the person affording them victim status. Because the grievance arises out of identity, it can never be adequately addressed. Conflict and complaint go forever.

Ahh, but think of the votes. Tribalism makes getting elected so much easier, locking in the voters.

A chief site of identity politics in Australia is the desire to change Aborigines’ constitutional status and to make demands that are impossible to fulfil — and that, even if fulfilled, would lead only to further demands.

The money:

I object to the taxpayer-funded television advertisements that argue the case for constitutional change. This is the wrongful use of taxpayers’ money to mobilise support for, and intimidate opposition to, one particular political proposal. It is perfectly respectable to oppose constitutional change. The government has no business funding either side of such a political ­argument outside a formal referendum, in which circumstance it must fund both sides.

The Liberals are crazy to fund these ads. The next Labor government will surely run government ads for a wide range of ideological causes that it will dress up as being above politics, and the Liberals will have no moral credibility to object.

The Liberal failure on this process is much broader than that.

That’s because the Liberals are part of the PC establishment now — a lesser, team B alternative perhaps, but under Turnbull’s leadership they are firmly in the PC camp. Welcome to the leftist team Liberals! Join the PC team or you get bad media coverage!