Islamic immigration: Shut the Gates

Islamic immigration: Shut the Gates, by Andrew Bolt.

BRITAIN, like Australia, decided it was racist to ban Muslim immigrants. So now it instead must send its army into the streets. …

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday vowed to “harden up” public spaces to save us from other Islamist attacks. “You’ll see heightened police presences, more obstacles, bollards, barriers put in the way to prevent vehicle-borne attacks,” he said, assuring us police had stopped 12 “major terrorists plots” in just three years.

That’s one every three months. And just the “major” ones. All by Muslims.

Somehow, I don’t feel assured at all.

Is this really how we’re now to live — in a virtual police state, hoping they’ll intercept every one of the many threats? …

We, like Britain, refused to keep out Muslim immigrants. So now we must instead guard our stadiums, airports, shopping centres, malls, Anzac Day parades and halls.