Australian Islam infested by extremists, cleric says

Australian Islam infested by extremists, cleric says, by the Australian.

A moderate preacher says Australia’s Muslim society is “infested by extremists”, his comments coming during a heated television debate that also included Muslim leader Dr Jamal Rifi.

Adelaide Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi appeared on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program with host David Koch and Dr Rifi to discuss this week’s Manchester bombing.

Dr Rifi and Tawhidi condemned the attack. Tawhidi went further, saying young people were being radicalised, even in Australia, “because of the Islamic scriptures that we have”.

“They push the Muslim youth to believe that if you go out there and you kill the infidel that’s how you will gain paradise. It is very hard being a peaceful, moderate person within a society that is infested by extremist Muslims.” …

“We have a large number of Muslims that are extremists, even in Australia, and we see them when they come out in the Sydney riots, and we see them attacking the police,” he said on Sunrise.

Tawhidi said clerics and followers in Australia were being radicalised. He then held up a sticker featuring the al-Qa’ida logo that he said he had purchased in Melbourne on Tuesday.

He said such open promotion of radical groups created a “jihadi” atmosphere within Australian Muslim communities. …

“For 1400 years we have had a religion of war, that’s exactly what we have had. This is not something I’m imagining.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil