Maybe It’s Time For Some Reverse Creeping Sharia

Maybe It’s Time For Some Reverse Creeping Sharia, by Bill Muehlenberg.

If Christians wanted to take over the Middle East and turn all Muslim nations there and elsewhere into Christian nations, how might they go about it? What could they do to radically transform the Muslim world and turn it into a Christian one?

It seems to me that there are at least two main ways they could go about all this. The first way is in fact the normal Christian way, one that has been practiced for centuries: pray for Muslims, befriend them, evangelise them, and lead them to Jesus Christ. …

A second way … is to flood these countries with countless Christians; fill their lands with Christian migrants; and appeal to the good will of these nations to take all these people in and grant them full citizenship rights – with no questions asked.

Once in, the Christians could get to work. They could set up churches on every block; they would demand the right to evangelise everywhere; they would insist on sharing in religious services at mosques, including praying and giving messages there.

They would insist that Muslims worship the same God as Christians do; they would demand interfaith services and full ecumenical cooperation; they would seek to convince their Muslim hosts that Christianity is an Abrahamic faith just like Islam; and they would seek to play down any differences between the two faiths.

They would demand that anything that they find offensive be removed or censored. Thus they will ask that crescents be taken down; women be allowed to go around in public without burkas; noisy prayer times in public be silenced; and alcohol be allowed to be consumed anywhere, along with nice pork dinners.

And of course these Muslim nations would fully comply with all these demands. After all, they want to be seen as tolerant and compassionate and into diversity and pluralism. They do not want to be regarded as racist, so they will bend over backwards to fully accommodate the new Christian arrivals. …

Of course Islamic laws would have to be replaced with Christian laws. If that is a bit too much at first, then at least the Christians would start setting up parallel legal systems, including family law, financial law, and so on. And the Muslim nations would happily go along with all this. …

Any Muslim who digs his heels in on this would be condemned as Christianophobic. Seminars, media events and public rallies would regularly be held to stamp out this ugly Christianityophobia, and force all recalcitrants to repent of their unloving attitudes toward their Christian brethren.

On a regular basis Christians would be paraded in public as model citizens, and emotive stories of how some nasty Muslims have mistreated them would be shown constantly in the mainstream media. Christians would be seen always as victims and the oppressed, while Muslims would be seen as victimisers and aggressors.

After running with all this for a number of years, the results will be finally realised. All these Muslim nations will have become Christian nations. Muslims will now be in the minority, and they will have few hard choices: either convert to Christianity, be killed, or live as a second class citizen.

Good for a laugh.

hat-tip Stephen Neil