After Home of Right Wing Leader is Attacked, Message from Swedish Media is He Only Has Himself to Blame

After Home of Right Wing Leader is Attacked, Message from Swedish Media is He Only Has Himself to Blame, by Chris Tomlinson.

The house of Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats, was attacked earlier this week and one Swedish journalist claims that Åkesson only has himself to blame for it. … Åkesson’s home, where his partner and their three-year-old son were at the time, was attacked on Tuesday evening by unknown persons who threw eggs at the house and firecrackers and even tried to break in, Swedish paper Nyheter Idag reports. …

TV4 sports journalist Christoffer Eriksson said that Mr Akesson has no one else to blame for the attack, but himself…. Describing Åkesson and the Sweden Democrats as, “a bug in the system that must be corrected Eriksson went on to blame Akesson saying, “it is possible to rely on the much-underrated phrase ‘Talk shit, get shot.’” … “For you see, Jimmie is a Nazi. He, Kent, Linus, Andrew and others, they are Nazis. And the Nazis have no place in rooms with us,” he wrote adding, “their political heritage consists of hatred, intimidation, terror and violence. This pit he has dug for himself.” …

Sweden Democrat press officer Henrik Vinge reacted to the Tweets saying, “It is absolutely disgusting. If TV4 do not act on this, it’s huge scandal.”

Remember when Sweden used to be held up as a shining example of progress and the future?

Commenter Orpheus:

Multiculturalism + Mass Immigration = Colonisation.

If you invite millions of people into your country and do not place them under any obligation to integrate (multiculturalism) and actively encourage and protect their rights to manifest their own cultural norms, (dress, religion, even language) then you are actively subverting your own culture and ensuring its eventual demise.

It is not the Muslims as such who should invoke our anger, since they are simply doing what they have been allowed to do, under a multicultural regime.

Our main focus of attention should now be on the political classes and the media, who have swallowed the multicultural lie and who are embracing it, regardless of the extremely negative consequences for our own culture, traditions and heritage.

hat-tip Stephen Neil