Macron leading France to Armageddon

Macron leading France to Armageddon, by Alan Moran.

France’s election of Macron was an accident due to the right’s Francois Fillon imploding because he was so skint that he had to invent a government job for his wife.  Macron by contrast married a wealthy woman 23 years his senior who, as a drama teacher, doubtless proved invaluable in training him to put across the vacuous Blairide slogans on which he rode to office. …

France boasts the highest share of government in the OECD at 57 per cent and the trajectory of bigger government has shown little modification over the years in spite of the alleged “centre-left, centre right” oscillation of parties in power. …

[Macron] has followed this up by appointing a green activist TV star, Nicolas Hulot, as his energy and environment minister.  Hulot, in accepting the post said, “”I think, although I am not sure, that the new political situation offers an opportunity for action”.  A devotee of windmills, he is also anti-nuclear (which supplies 75 per cent of France’s electricity) though claims that abandoning nuclear is only “a medium term target”.

Doubtless wind farm and solar subsidies will be part of the drive to solve unemployment – replacing nuclear power stations with more labour-intensive wind and solar has to be a winner – what could go wrong?

hat-tip Matthew