US Union Bosses Make More Money Than Private Sector CEOs

US Union Bosses Make More Money Than Private Sector CEOs, by Tyler O’Neil.

Union leaders earned an average salary of $252,370 in 2016 [compiled from salary information for192 of the largest national, state, and local unions]…. When other perks were taken into consideration, union officials took home an average of $283,678.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business leaders only earned an average of $194,350.

Interesting. The media haven’t mentioned that. I wonder if it’s true in Australia? Maybe:

A bit rich: Australian unions fight over huge salaries, by Malcolm Farr in 2012.

OUTRAGE over the huge salaries of some of the Health Services Union?s most controversial officials is increasing their isolation in the labour movement.

The pay rates for HSU east branch president Michael Williamson and national secretary Kathy Jackson are more than double those of leaders of much bigger unions. …

Mr Williamson has been on leave since late last year but is still being paid a salary reported to be $350,000 a year.

Ms Jackson is said to earn $270,000 for her chief job as executive vice-president of the union. It is understood she also receives an “honorarium” as national secretary. The union also pays for her Volvo.

By comparison, the national secretary of the giant Australian Workers’ Union Paul Howes is paid about $140,000 a year plus a car. …

The sources said a recent ACTU survey found no national union leaders earned more than $150,000 a year and in some unions the national secretary was paid under $100,000.

That survey didn’t detect the large salaries of Mr Williamson and Ms Jackson. What else did it miss?