My personal warning to Icelanders about Islamic immigration

My personal warning to Icelanders about Islamic immigration, by Christine Williams.

You are in trouble. Your numbers are too small in a vast land to continue as you are, in allowing Islamic supremacist incursion into your country as you have. You have unwittingly allowed it, being taken in by your own acceptance and tolerance of immigrants, which is admirable.

Your nation has evolved, as all Western states have evolved, to be willing to welcome minorities from every country of the globe, and you have implemented a constitution that declares the equality of everyone under the law. But you need street smarts with regard to immigrants.

Islamic supremacists will smile at you, invite you to their gatherings, make you feel loved and welcome, but they do it to deceive you and to overtake you, your land and your freedoms. They intentionally make you feel guilty for questioning their torturous deeds toward humanity — toward women, Christians, gays, Jews, apostates, infidels and anyone who dares to oppose these deeds.

If they were genuine, they would make no apologies for such abuses globally, but they would offer to make amends by contributing to the reform of the thinking of their coreligionists, bringing them to deem all humans to be equal in their eyes. They would not accuse you of racism if you question them, which you should do if you really care about the lives and well-being of your fellow human beings globally.

Many friendly, seemingly “moderate” Muslims are deceiving you. You already have a mosque in your tiny country that is funded by Saudi Arabia, a country that advocates Wahhabism — a barbaric ideology that sanctions male Muslim supremacy and human rights abuses under the Sharia. I am told that another such mosque is planned in your capital of Reykjavik.

They tell you that Sharia is harmless, but they are not telling you the truth. Sharia stipulates – among other abuses — death for apostasy, death for gays, a lower value to women, and the full covering of women according to Quran 24:31 and Quran 33:59 (so that she not encourage men to abuse her). Islamism is normative Islam, and there is no higher law than Islamic law; Sharia is considered by mainstream Muslims to be divine law. Under it, conquest of non-Muslims is a duty and a requirement. …

You may ask, “What can we do?”…

You can reject the “Islamophobia” lies against you. You are not an “Islamophobic” nation. You are, rather, accepting.

Notice that you will not hear other minority groups attacking you (unless they are indoctrinated with Islamic supremacist propaganda). No other group seeks conquest, and no other group is guilty of ubiquitous wanton human rights abuses globally, while at the same time screaming that they are victimized by “the colonialists” and “the imperialists.” …

When you sit down and include Muslims in dialogue sessions, make sure that they the kind of Muslims who welcome questions and accept pluralism, and understand that immigration and multiculturalism is a two-way street. Make sure that they openly declare that Jews and Christians are equal in all ways as Muslims, and that they reject Sharia law in all forms. Do not be fooled by their smiles.

There are Muslims throughout history who sought to reform Islam, but were murdered as apostates. They understood that the immutability of Sharia decrees needed to be challenged, and that the “official closed corpus” needed to be challenged as well as the ulema and every soldier of Islamic dictatorship.

Your politicians are afraid. Your media is afraid, and so they are not fair and balanced. They lie to you and they shut down public discourse because they are not seeking truth. …

Be careful, Icelanders. You are being manipulated. Fight for your freedoms. Be accepting to those who offer your children a good future, and do not allow Islamic supremacists, greedy politicians and a controlled media to destroy the work of your ancestors and a fine development of the principles of human rights. …

Women and girls have been raped across Europe and in other parts of the Western world because of a doctrine that states that Muslim men can take infidel women. Infidels have been plundered and beaten, and jihadist attacks have left a trail of incalculable carnage and grief. Jihadists are coming for you, no matter how much other Muslims may smile at you and appear friendly.

Stand watch and pay attention to what is being preached in mosques, because oftentimes hate is being preached, supremacy is being preached, and jihad against the infidel is being preached.

No friendly Muslim will throw out “Islamophobia” accusations against you, or even use the word. I have interviewed well-known reformists in Canada and the U.S., each with his or her own following, and every one of them rejects the word “Islamophobia,” because each knows that it is being used against you to shut down your freedom of speech and your right to question Islam.

hat-tip Stephen Neil