‘Refujihad’ here as traitors return with plans to kill us

‘Refujihad’ here as traitors return with plans to kill us, by Jennifer Oriel.

By permitting the return of battle-hardened Islamists from Syria and Iraq, Western governments are inadvertently empowering jihad. As allied forces contain ­Islamic State in the Middle East, the terrorist group is deepening the war against the West by a planned strategy of dispersion.

Jihadists like Neil Prakash are being sent back to their countries of origin to prepare jihad against the West from within. They will be sheltered by Western laws that prevent robust interrogation and enjoy legal support, food, housing and the freedom to spread their lethal ideology. The free world citizens that Islamists vow to exterminate will be forced to pay for the soldiers of genocide to live in well-funded prisons equipped with prayer mats, halal food, house imams and plenty of free time to develop jihadist ideology. We are being lured into the second phase of Islamic State jihad. …

ASIO estimates that about 200 Australians have fought as ­jihadists in Syria and Iraq. About 70 have been killed and 100 are still fighting. In the ideal, allied forces would kill the genocidal soldiers where they stand. Unfortunately, some have escaped the battlefield death they so richly ­deserve, including Islamic State recruiter Prakash. …

As a seasoned Islamic State ­recruiter, Prakash poses a significant risk to us. He has urged jihadists to kill “non-believers”, which is a derogatory term Islamists use to describe people who don’t share their misanthropic faith. If permitted access to other prisoners, Prakash may further radicalise those at risk. At best under Australian law, Prakash will serve out his life in a cell isolated from external contact. But even then, the public will pay a high price for his leisure. Given his young age, the cost of feeding, housing and clothing Prakash for the rest of his life could run into the millions.

There is something obscene about spending millions to support the voluntary conscripts of genocidal jihad while more than 100,000 Australians are homeless.

hat-tip Stephen Neil