Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants: “A massive attack on the property rights”

Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants: “A massive attack on the property rights”, by Soeren Kern.

Authorities in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, have begun confiscating private dwellings to ease a housing shortage — one that has been acutely exacerbated by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow more than two million migrants into the country in recent years.

City officials have been seizing commercial properties and converting them into migrant shelters since late 2015, when Merkel opened German borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Now, however, the city is expropriating residential property units owned by private citizens.

In an unprecedented move, Hamburg authorities recently confiscated six residential units in the Hamm district near the city center. The units, which are owned by a private landlord, are in need of repair and have been vacant since 2012. A trustee appointed by the city is now renovating the properties and will rent them — against the will of the owner — to tenants chosen by the city. District spokeswoman Sorina Weiland said that all renovation costs will be billed to the owner of the properties.

The economic system of private ownership where the state can however commandeer private property or dictate how it is used is (economic) fascism. In fascism the state is paramount and individual rights are secondary — as opposed to the state existing to serve individuals.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific