The College Blueprint for a Totalitarian West: The battle over freedom on campus is the battle for freedom in America

The College Blueprint for a Totalitarian West: The battle over freedom on campus is the battle for freedom in America. By Daniel Greenfield.

There is a place in America where civil rights don’t exist. The First Amendment doesn’t apply. Neither does the Sixth Amendment. (Never mind the Second.)  Not only Freedom of Speech, but Freedom of Association (NAACP v. Alabama) is under fire. …

Two types of people are sensitive; the entitled and the endangered. It’s reasonable to be paranoid about subtle social nuances if you live in a totalitarian state where the wrong word or look will be punished. Where someone is always watching for even the most minor acts of political incorrectness.

College students are afraid. And they should be. The average college campus with its speech codes, thought policing, violent protests and kangaroo courts has no resemblance to anything else in the United States of America.

Colleges are totalitarian states. And they are the blueprints of the left’s plan for the entire country.

Individuals have no rights on campus. Intersectional tribes do. The way that these tribes negotiate conflicting rights is a mix of Kafka and Orwell. In Orwell’s homeland, Oxford University’s Equality and Diversity Unit (a name that could easily have leaped from the pages of 1984) warned students that failing to make eye contact was a racist microaggression. The usual sensible responses accomplished nothing. Then autistic students complained that the microaggression guidelines were themselves a microaggression against students with disabilities. And the “Unit” quickly apologized and retreated.

When the PC crowd say that truth is relative or a construct, they are not only warning that they intend to lie to us but that they intend to rule over us:

The United States (not to mention capitalism and imperialism) were built on the notion that truth exists. So was our system of law. People are considered guilty until proven innocent because we believe that it is possible to find the truth. But if there is no objective truth, only subjective narratives, and social justice mandates to unpack our knapsacks and cast aside privileged narratives, then the privileged are guilty. And they can never be proven innocent without endangering the privileges of the oppressed.

That’s not an abstraction. It means that if you are accused of a microaggression, you are guilty. If you made too little eye contact or too much eye contact, you are guilty. Your explanations don’t matter. Truth doesn’t matter. …

Innocence is not an option. The very concept of white privilege indicts you for crimes that you had no idea you were even committing. At worst, your very existence is an affront. And ignorance is no excuse. Whiteness, masculinity, femininity, heterosexuality and even Americanism are pre-existing crimes that require an endless process of atonement which by its very nature will always be incomplete.

The future is bleak, poisoned:

Imagine what tomorrow’s leaders would be like if they all got an education in North Korea. That’s the crisis we face today. The leaders of tomorrow are coming of age in the totalitarian campus states of today. When one of those polls emerge showing that 7 out of 10 college students want to ban offensive speech, it’s not a generational phenomenon so much as it is environmental indoctrination.

The left’s experiment in college totalitarianism has normalized an environment in which free speech and individual rights don’t exist, in which truth and facts were invented by imperialists, and in which a single cultural misstep can have shattering consequences for anyone who isn’t part of the right identity clique.

Today’s campus is unsafe for America. Taxpayers have invested enormous amounts of money into funding an educational system that rejects everything that makes our society work. If that does not change, then our society will be destroyed by the consequences.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Scott of the Pacific