‘Posh Labor’ caters to the demands of a socialist nation: Australia has a fatal problem

‘Posh Labor’ caters to the demands of a socialist nation: Australia has a fatal problem, by Grace Collier.

Now this country embarrasses me; I find myself slowly backing away.

Last week, a friend of mine divulged some financial information on a mutual acquaintance. This man is from an extremely wealthy family. He lives in a grand home at no cost, which is owned by their family trust. His wife doesn’t work; they have two very nice cars, owned by the family business. He is employed in that business, and he admitted his salary is kept low, at exactly the right amount, so he can receive tens of thousands a year in family payments, childcare subsidies and other financial assistance for his six children.

This is what Australia has come to. The welfare state is so entrenched, our entitlement mentality so prevalent, and our system so easy to rort that even the rich connive to get their snouts in the trough. …

The budget will be popular. It is designed for the majority, the 60 per cent of households that live off the 40 per cent that pay; those who have bought the line that someone else can be taxed to pay for things they think they need. In our society, those who vote for a living now outnumber those who work for it. This is our biggest problem and it appears unfixable. This budget is proof of that.

Disappointed Coalition types are calling the government Labor-lite, with good reason, although I prefer to think of it as posh Labor, or Labor with pearls. Yes, this is a Labor budget, designed to cater to the infantile demands of a socialist country. Australia, if the shoe fits, then wear it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil