Perspective: Trump Fires Comey, DNC Stopped FBI Russia Investigation

Perspective: Trump Fires Comey, DNC Stopped FBI Russia Investigation, by Greg Hunter,

Just like on Trump’s hit TV show, the words “you’re fired” hit FBI Director James Comey like a ton of bricks. President Donald Trump fired Comey because the White House says the Trump Administration has “lost confidence” in the FBI Director.  Democrats, who asked Comey be fired because of the Clinton Email probe, are now outraged over the firing and want a special prosecutor for the so-called Russia collusion investigation.

Meanwhile, you may remember that it was the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that stopped the FBI from looking at its servers during the reported Russia hacking attack on the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Why didn’t Comey take the servers anyway if this “Russian hacking” was of such profound importance to U.S. election integrity?  The Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, have been blaming the Russians for their 2016 presidential loss.  Others say Clinton was a bad candidate that lost all on her own.