David Leyonhjelm: Why I’m taking a chance on Mark Latham

David Leyonhjelm: Why I’m taking a chance on Mark Latham, by David Leyonhjelm.

Mark Latham says he didn’t leave the Labor Party, but the Labor Party left him; that he always supported individual liberty, and that’s why he has now joined the Liberal Democrats.

I can understand that. It is a fact that Labor has slowly degenerated each year since the Hawke Keating era, but I think Mark is wrong to believe he hasn’t changed too. …

Latham grew up in public housing and also never lost his Labor roots. But his period as Labor leader was fraught, with the Latham diaries indicating he faced more opposition from within Labor than externally.

It was clear he had developed views that differed from those of Wayne Swan, Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, either in terms of economics or political correctness.

His journey away from Labor continued after he left politics, but he didn’t need to create a new political party.

The Liberal Democrats already existed, and his addition to our ranks is warmly welcomed. … Latham’s boost to the profile of the Liberal Democrats should help to boost awareness of our party, and our fight against the nanny state, political correctness and intrusive government.

hat-tip Stephen Neil