Average US CEO makes $13.1 million — 347 times MORE than average worker

Average US CEO makes $13.1 million — 347 times MORE than average worker, by Quentin Fottrell.

The average chief executive of an S&P 500 company made $13.1 million per year in 2016 — equivalent to 347 times more money than the average worker…

The average production and non-supervisory worker earned around $37,600 annually in 2016, it found. “When adjusted for inflation, the average wage has remained stagnant for 50 years.”

Since 1985, Wall Street bonuses soared 890%, seven times the rise in the federal minimum wage …. The average Wall Street bonus rose 1% to $138,210 last year, more than twice the median U.S. household annual income. Bonuses in the New York securities industry were 1.6 times the combined annual earnings of all the nation’s 1 million-plus minimum wage workers in 2016.

Ahh, value transference. Getting close to those (literally) manufacturing money really pays off.