Australian Liberals have lost: we’re all leftists now

Australian Liberals have lost: we’re all leftists now, by Andrew Bolt.

THE Turnbull Government’s Budget was a white flag. Labor has won and we’re all Leftists now.

The Liberals have given up being the party of small government and low taxes and Australia will now change for the worse.

For the Liberals, this is an existential crisis. What is the party for if it’s no longer for small government? When Scott Morrison became Treasurer in 2015, he started by preaching the traditional Liberal message — no to new taxes, yes to spending cuts.

After all, he correctly noted, Australia had “a spending problem, not a revenue problem”. Yet Tuesday’s Budget scrapped spending cuts that the Liberals had long pushed for and instead raised more revenue — hitting taxpayers with a higher Medicare levy and banks with an extra tax. It will also pocket yet another year of bracket creep.