Safe Schools protest targets Melbourne’s “Arrow on Swanston” hotel

Safe Schools protest targets Melbourne’s “Arrow on Swanston” hotel, by Tessa Akerman.

Arrow on Swanston, in Carlton, had agreed to host an Australian Christian Lobby event tonight with speakers discussing Safe Schools and gender reassignment.

Before the event, the hotel received harassing phone calls and online threats that called the ACL a hate group and condemned the business for associating with them.

The campaign comes after several Christian groups were forced to cancel their reservation at a Sydney hotel last year following threats to their meeting about same-sex marriage.

About 30 people blocked the entrance to the hotel tonight, forcing police to escort attendees through their makeshift cordon.

The protest had started silently armed only with signs but turned into a war of words and accusations of assault.

“Jesus might love you but I don’t,” one protester shouted.

“These people want us to die they can get f***ed,” another said.

The protesters, several of whom had their faces covered with bandanas, managed to keep the majority of the attendees out of the event.

All “gay” and rainbows until someone disagrees with them, then out come the enforcers. Shame.

hat-tip Stephen Neil