French election: Le Pen fears fuelled Macron’s historic victory

French election: Le Pen fears fuelled Macron’s historic victory, by Greg Sheridan.

Emmanuel Macron — young, suave, svelte, metrosexual dream candidate — has won a slashing victory in the French presidential election. France is redeemed, its economy reborn, its society healed, and the EU dream is not only saved but empowered anew while the malevolent forces of Marine Le Pen’s dark reaction are banished. Don’t believe it for a second. …

Six out of 10 French people polled didn’t want him to win a majority but they feared right-winger Le Pen more. … The French desperately want their borders controlled but to achieve this they would have had to vote for a candidate, Le Pen, whose economic policies are ludicrous and who represented maximum danger.

But Macron, for all his merchant banker past and easy policy fluency, makes little or no sense himself economically. Simultaneously, he is going to reduce taxes and reduce the deficit, which is just another version of the unreal promise every populist always makes in every election.

France faces three crises.

Its economy is wildly over-regulated and overtaxed, thus has almost 10 per cent unemployment and 25 per cent youth unemployment; it can’t pay for its social benefits.

Second, like much of Europe, it has lost control of its borders and faces growing, bitter social conflict over unregulated immigration from unskilled North Africans and Arabs, many of whom don’t embrace the political or social culture.

And third, it has lost sovereignty in the miasma of EU regulation and governmental paralysis.

hat-tip Stephen Neil