Hillary Clinton Misspoke Again

Hillary Clinton Misspoke Again, by Jaymez, who was recently called upon to debate against the proposition that ‘Hillary Clinton Should Have Been Elected President of the US’.

Jaymez took the challenge to prove to those who are only exposed to left leaning mainstream media, that not only is Hillary Clinton demonstrably dishonest, she is probably a pathological liar.

In addition, any interpretation of the law, or in referencing past cases, Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted for offences related her illegal email server. At the very least the FBI Director should not have made the decision that a conviction was unlikely. This was probably done under pressure from the Attorney General at the time. At the minimum Clinton should have faced a grand jury to decide if she should be charged with a number of offences.

Finally, Hillary Clinton did not lose the election because of what she dubbed ‘Russian WikiLeaks’ or the re-opening of the investigation into her emails by FBI Director James Comey on 28th October. Accurate polls show that she would have lost the election on 27th October 2016, before the re-opening of the case.

A longish article, but an interesting summary. The sheer mass of material damns Hillary Clinton as one of the worst ever candidates for leader of the free world. Devastating.