Republican Obamacare replacement bill passes House

Republican Obamacare replacement bill passes House, by Dan Mangan.

After years of debate, the House voted Thursday to repeal key parts of the Affordable Care Act and replace them with new provisions.

The vote, which President Donald Trump was planning to tout as a big victory, sends the Republican-sponsored bill to gut Obamacare to the Senate for consideration.

But winning approval for the bill could be even more difficult in the Senate than it has been in the House, where Republican leaders struggled for nearly two months to wrangle enough votes in their caucus to secure its passage. …

Not sure this is a good idea:

The bill … is expected to dramatically increase the number of people without health insurance if enacted into law. …

The bill, known as the American Health Care Act, would remove the Obamacare rule requiring most Americans to have health coverage of some kind.

It also is expected to lead to bigger increases in the premium prices of individual plans over the next two years than would be seen if Obamacare remained in effect. And it would give wealthy Americans a tax break.

Trump likes it:

US health care is a huge expensive mess, with ridiculously high prices. Introducing real competition to reduce medical prices would alleviate much of the pain, above and beyond of all the wrangling over insurance and who pays for whose health treatments.