Dutch Police “Bribe” Newspaper to Bury Data on Criminal Asylum Seekers

Dutch Police “Bribe” Newspaper to Bury Data on Criminal Asylum Seekers, by Liam Deacon.

The national police force of the Netherlands admitted trying to cut a deal with the country’s largest newspaper, which claimed to have been offered leads and exclusive stories if they dropped a freedom of information request on the number of asylum seekers involved in crime.

However, the police denied this amounted to a cover-up, claiming they wanted the figures to remain secret as they could be “misleading” to the public. They statistics have still not been published. …

Not just Holland. Standard operating procedure for police under globalist governments is to not tell us what is happening regarding ethnicity, including in Australia:

Police forces in a number of European nations have been accused of hiding the extent of migrant crime since the begging of the migrant crisis, when the continent struggled to cope with million-plus new arrivals.

After the 2015/16 New Years Eve mass sex attacks in Cologne, Germany, police were criticised for initially not making public the background of perpetrators. The majority were later revealed to be asylum seekers.

And in January 2016, Swedish police were ordered not to release descriptions of criminal suspects that include race or nationality, to avoid being branded racist.

And then there’s Rotherham etc in the UK: between 100,000 and a million English girls abused over more than a decade, with police afraid to do anything for appearing “racist”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil