A Million Person Genome-Wide Association Study on Schooling

A Million Person Genome-Wide Association Study on Schooling, by Steve Sailer.

Here’s the abstract of a paper that will be given at a scientific conference in Oslo this summer:

GWAS of Educational Attainment, Phase 3: Biological Findings

(GWAS stands for Genome-wide association study.)

“Genetic factors are estimated to account for at least 20% of the variation across individuals for educational attainment (Rietveld et al., 2013). The results of the latest GWAS for educational attainment identified 74 genome-wide significant loci for educational attainment (Okbay et al., 2016). Here, in one of the largest GWAS to date, we increase our sample to nearly 750,000 individuals, and we identify over 600 genome-wide significant loci associated with the number of years of schooling completed. Note that at the time of presentation, we will likely have updated our meta-analysis to include over 1,000,000 individuals.”

They use educational attainment (years of schooling completed) as their dependent variable because that’s one trait that is asked about in major medical studies that collect genetic data.

In the social sciences, explaining 20% of variation is considered very large. Eventually the geneticists will unravel more of the code, and leftist blank-slate ideology will have no room to hide and confuse people. It’s only a matter of time.

Commenter Peter Johnson:

Researchers have already shown that educational achievement is strongly heritable, now they are identifying some of specific individual genetic variants (single nucleotide polymorphisms, called “snips”) that account for this heritability. The number of significant SNPs associated with educational achievement has now increased from 74 in the last paper (a modest start) to approximately 600.

No one dares mention, but these SNP-related differences have strong distributional patterns across ethnic groups, with the usual suspects of high-achieving ethnic groups versus low-educational achievement ethnic groups having different distributions of SNPs. It is not discussed in print in the research journals, but it is clear that Sailer is empirically correct in his claim about HBD and its impact on societal outcomes.

Commenter Tulip:

I sense a great disturbance in the force as if millions of voices of SJWs cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

Commenter Clark Westwood:

I wonder how many of the “March for Science” pawns would reject this finding out of hand.

Scientists predict academic achievement from DNA alone, by ScienceDaily, an earlier finding from July 2016

Scientists from King’s College London have used a new genetic scoring technique to predict academic achievement from DNA alone. This is the strongest prediction from DNA of a behavioural measure to date.

The research shows that a genetic score comprising 20,000 DNA variants explains almost 10 per cent of the differences between children’s educational attainment at the age of 16. DNA alone therefore provides a much better prediction of academic achievement than gender or even ‘grit’, a personality trait thought to measure perseverance and passion for long-term goals.