Australia’s Immoral Preference for Christian Refugees

Australia’s Immoral Preference for Christian Refugees, by Odyesseus Patrick. Note that this in a US newspaper — I haven’t seen a similar story in Australia yet, but the author works for The Australian Financial Review so perhaps it has appeared there.

Like many Western countries, Australia has agreed to resettle refugees from the wars in Syria and Iraq. Unlike other countries, Australia explicitly favors Christians, even though they are a minority of those seeking refuge. …

Data I obtained through Australia’s freedom of information law shows that 78 percent of the approximately 18,563 refugees from Syria and Iraq granted entry from July 1, 2015, to Jan. 6 of this year identified themselves as Christian. …

The favoritism is justified [by Australia’s conservative coalition government] by the claim that Christians are more at risk from the Islamic State and other groups that engage in indiscriminate murder. …

Similarly, a Labour legislator, Tony Zappia, said in the Australian Parliament, “Christians appear to be the most persecuted people on earth.” …

But this is the NY Times, a PC newspaper, and they think this is wrong wrong wrong. Look how they go about it:

But experts don’t buy it.

“Christians from conflict zones in Syria and Iraq aren’t persecuted more than others,” said the head of Human Rights Watch in Australia, Elaine Pearson. “In both Syria and Iraq, Muslims have overwhelmingly borne the brunt of most of the atrocities by ISIS and by the Assad regime.” …

The old “experts” line, then a non-sequitur. Yes there are more Muslim victims of the war, because there are more Muslims there. But it is Christians, not Muslims, whose numbers in the region are fast dwindling towards zero — which might be thought of as prima facie evidence of genocide.

The Australian approach is in part motivated by a belief expressed in private by government ministers, and in public by Christian groups like Mr. Sheldon’s, that Christians are more likely to integrate into Australia’s Anglo-Christian-dominated culture than Muslims.

Only the PC crew don’t see that as obvious. Next, the conclusion is made completely clear for the reader, so the PC readers know what it is currently ok to say at dinner parties and how to virtue signal:

Selecting refugees based on their spiritual beliefs is a form of state-supported prejudice that secular societies like Australia have a moral obligation to reject.

And the big warning to Australia:

Before World War II, Australia resisted international pleas to grant refuge to more Jews. “As we have no real racial problem, we are not desirous of importing one by encouraging any scheme of large-scale foreign migration,” a government official said in 1938.

Australia should consider that history may judge it harshly for treating today’s Muslims as it did yesterday’s Jews.

Australians, expect these lines to be trotted out at an Australian “news and current affairs” outlet near you soon.

Interestingly, Israel has a similar policy, only letting in Jewish refugees.